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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall 2002
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Shrink Plastic Key Chain

Flying Kittens from HomeArts CD
We used the flying Kittens from HomeArt.
Any picture you can print can be used to print on the plastic and shrink


Picture or clip art of your choice
Sheet of clear shrink plastic
Hole punch
Spray sealer
Inkjet printer
Word, Works or other computer software
Option: Sandpaper and tack cloth


In the sample we used an image from a Victorian CD from HomeArt and purchased in vent it! Print & Shrink. The Print & Shrink has one textured side and one smooth side. It is placed through your printer so that the textured side will receive the ink. It is not necessary to sand if you are using the Print & Shrink plastic

If you are using regular shrink plastic one side must be treated first. Using a fine sandpaper, sand lightly both vertically and then horizontally. Wipe carefully with the tack cloth and place so it will be printed on the sanded side.

Decide on the image or picture you wish to use. Import it into your publishing program for a blank postcard. Size the picture so it will fill as much of the postcard area without distorting the picture. If you wish to add text it should be added now and then you must obtain a mirror image so that the text is backward. This will give you four prints on one sheet of plastic. I recommend that you print on a sheet of paper first to be sure everything is lined up and printing normally. Print on a single sheet of the plastic. Leave in the printer tray without touching until the ink is completely dry.

Cut the images apart, punch a hole in one corner and following the manufacturers instructions for your shrink plastic bake in the oven printed side down until the plastic has reduced and flattened. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool. Place the keyring in the punched hole.

To protect the image from scratches spray the printed side with a light coat of spray sealer. Allow to dry and your key chain is ready for use.

Although we have given the instructions for a key chain, using a large jump ring these plastic charms can be used as zipper pulls or package ties as well.

Image Provided by HomeArts

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall, 2002
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