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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall 2002
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Bead Rings

Bead Rings


Stemmed glass
Chenille stem in color of your choice 4" long
16 to 20 colored plastic beads
Option: Plastic letter beads


Form a loop in one end of your chenille stem and twist the end around the stem until it is firm. Place faceted, snowflake or tri-beads in any color combination of your choice (each glass needs a different combination, color or arrangement). In the sample we used tri-beads in an alternating orange and brown. Using that same color scheme the next glass would have two browns and one orange alternating. The third glass might have two orange and one brown alternating. Any combination is fine as long as each is different from all the rest. Introduce new colors or a different combination arrangement.

When you have reached the number of beads that will fit in a circle around the glass stem bring the end of your chenille stem through the beginning loop, fold it back and wrap it around the chenille stem inserting the end back through the first several beads.

These make a nice way to tell each persons glass, especially when using inexpensive glassware. The bead rings are inexpensive and the guest can take the glass with the ring home as a party favor.

Option: You can use the letter beads for the first name, last name or the initials of each guest.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall, 2002
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