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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall 2002
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Roses in the Snow Wreath

Roses in the Snow Wreath


Pine Wreath 12"
Snow Spray
8 or 12 ribbon roses with leaves (either purchased or handmade)
A floral bow same color as your roses
Instructions for Ribbon Roses and Bow can be found here: http://CraftyCollege.com/room/103


Lightly spray the tips of the wreath with the Snow Spray and allow to dry completely. Lay the wreath flat on the table in front of you. Imagine it as a clock face with twelve the farthest point from you and six nearest you. Place one rose at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions. Place the remaining four roses spaced half way between the first four. Add rose leaves as appropriate. Add a wire hanger to the back.

Option: Wire the bow at approximately the 4:00 o'clock position. Place one rose in the center of the bow and arrange the remaining eleven from five to three around the wreath. Add a loop to the back to hang it.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall, 2002
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