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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall 2002
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Sunflower Tote

Sunflower tote


Janlynn tote bag
Fabric paint in brown, green and two shades of yellow
Filbert paint brush
Flat paint brush
A # 2 pencil
Waxed paper


Place a layer of waxed paper inside the tote bag against the front panel to keep the paint from seeping through. With your # 2 pencil lightly draw the centers of the three sunflowers (you may increase the number of flowers but keep the finished picture to an odd number of flowers).

With your Filbert brush paint a brown circle for the center of each flower. If your flower is not straight on, the center will become slightly oval to show the partial flower. Using your flat brush and green paint draw the stems of the flower. With the Filbert brush and using the darker yellow paint draw the petal of the flowers. Start the petal away from the center and draw toward the center stopping at the brown area.

Use the lighter yellow and repeat the petals of each flower placing the lighter between two darker petals. With the Filbert brush and green paint add leaves randomly as you like using the same motion as you did for the petals.

Provided by: Janlynn
Decorated by: Bluebonnet Crafters

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Fall, 2002
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