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Fall - 2005
Published by
World Wide Visions

  Laurieann's Note

Hi Fellow Crafters,

It is hard to believe that summer is over and school has started again. We have collected some great craft projects for your Fall and back to school crafting. You might want to get a head start on those Holiday gifts as well.

Don't forget to checkout the Craft Tips below as well as the Classified Ads for great deals on craft items. And please visit our contributors web sites.


Craft Tips

1. When coloring on fabric you can set the crayon color by placing between 2 pieces of copy paper or brown paper bag and press on cotton setting. This melts the wax which is absorbed into the paper and sets the color making it permanent. Repeat as often as needed, using a clean paper, until no more wax is removed.

2. After using glitter, pour the main excess glitter back into the container. Then tap the back of your project over a sheet of paper and collect all the excess glitter of all colors into a container to reuse where a multi color look is desired.

3. An empty prescription bottle makes a good container for beads, pins, glitter and other small craft supplies.

Crafty Visions Classifieds
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Art Institute Glitter Inc.

712 N. Balboa Street Cottonwood AZ 86326 Toll Free in US 877-909-0805 or 928-639-0805 Home to over 375 Ultrafine, Microfine and Glass Glitter colors and industrial strength adhesives. We have several kits to suit your needs. Download our catalog online. Retail and wholesale inquiries welcome. 


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Create More, Spend Less at www.CreateForLess.com

Supplies for Crafting, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Candlemaking and more. Quantities available in increments that save you money. Weekly specials as well as craft supplies designed exclusively for Girl Scouts.  www.CreateForLess.com 

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Bluebonnet Boutique Visit Bluebonnet Boutique for all occasion personalized gifts, wearing apparel and home decor. You can have your own pictures or artwork printed on a large number of gift items.
Wear your ad, give Grandparents a picture they can wear, Brag about your school, club or hobby, Great for Family Reunions. Visit Bluebonnet Boutique to pick your gifts then Email for Instructions on how to submit your pictures, logos or artwork.Bluebonnet Boutique

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Bluebonnet Crafters
Art Institute Glitter Inc.
URL: http://www.artglitter.com/


Bluebonnet Crafters

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Online Cloth Doll Classes - Click HERE! Online Cloth Doll Classes - Click HERE!

Kathy Hays is offering "Hotties Past Prime" and "Joile, a Music Box Ballerina" for the last time. These classes will not be offered online again! So don't miss out!


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10th Limited Edition!
Alsea and Soozie  Cloth Doll Pattern - Click HERE!

Alsea and Soozie
September 19th 2005

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