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Reprint from September/October 1997 Crafty Visions Newsletter


Ballerina, Fairy Princess or Fairy

by Bluebonnet Crafters


  • Sweat suit or leotard and tights, color of your choice

  • 1 yd. grosgrain ribbon 7/8" wide

  • Nylon net sufficient to form a double skirt, tutu length for the ballerina, long for the Fairy Princess or Fairy

  • A purchased tiara

  • Glitter stems

  • Fairy will need a dowel stick 18" long

  • A 3" X 6" square of felt or Fun Foam Fabric paint including glitter paint

  • Fabric glue or needle and thread


Measure the child's waist and center the measurement on the grosgrain ribbon. If using glue run fabric glue from the center out both ways to 1/2" less than the child's measurement. Place the net across the grosgrain ribbon belt so when the ribbon is folded it will form a double layer skirt, both layers the same length just below hip length for the ballerina, ankle length for the Princess and Fairy.

When the glue is dried place another row of glue on top of the net along one side of the ribbon, fold the other side down and press in place to anchor and allow to dry. Using your fabric paints and embellishments of your choice decorate the neckline of the leotard and add sparkles to the skirt.

For the tiara you will need a headband or sweat band. Arrange the glitter stems to form loops, 2 small ones to the outside, a little larger next and a larger one in the middle. This larger one can be heart shaped if you like and small clusters of thin ribbon can be attached at each side to form the tiara. For the Fairy's wand cut two stars from the felt or Fun Foam and glue them together with the dowel stick extending from the top of one point down. Again with the fabric paint and glitter decorate the star. Option: multi-colored ribbons can be tied just below the star for added embellishment.

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