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September, 2000

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Letter From Laurieann

Hi Fellow Crafters,

Halloween is coming and the Bluebonnet Crafters have many great crafts for you!

I know everyone is busy this time of year with kids back to school and getting ready for all the holidays. But please take some time to relax by doing some fun crafts. A little glue on the hands and scraps on the floor can really help relieve stress!





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Candy Corn ButtonSeasonal Crafts
by Bluebonnet Crafters

Cassandra the Renuzit Witch

Cassandra the Renuzit Witch



  • 1 Renuzit room air freshener
  • 2" to 2 1/2" wooden ball head or Styrofoam ball with one side flattened
  • Black felt (1 sheet or scraps to fit)
  • Black cotton fabric (about 8" square)
  • Halloween print fabric (8" X 12")
  • Chenille stem
  • Ribbon (1/8" or 1/4" Narrow to match the dress fabric about 12") (3/5" black about 1/2 yard)
  • Yarn, Spanish moss or doll hair
  • White craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paint green, black, white and red
  • Paint brush
  • Permanent markers
  • Small twig broom 


Cut the hat and mittens from the black felt using the pattern as your guide. The cape is three quarters of a circle, cut from the black fabric. The dress and sleeves are made by forming the rectangle into a tube with the seam up the back on the dress and on the underside of the arms on the sleeves. 

Fold the chenille stem in toward the middle and glue the mitten hands, one on either side of each end ,sandwiching the chenille stem into the little hands. Form a tube of the sleeve around the arms turning under the wrist ends to form a hem and glue or stitch in place. Tie a bow around the wrists gathering the fabric in slightly. 

Glue the center of the covered chenille stem along the top back of the Renuzit cover bringing it toward the front on each side to form the arms. 

Turn up and glue or stitch in place a small hem along the bottom of the long side of the dress material. Position the dress fabric around the container cutting a small slit to work it up around the arms, run gathering stitch along top edge to gather to fit and glue it to the top of the container. 

Prepare the cape by stitching or gluing a piece of ribbon as marked in the pattern. Glue or stitch a small hem around the completed cape. Set aside. 

Prepare the head by painting the entire ball with the putrid green paint. If using a Styrofoam ball you may need several coats. On a wooden ball a single coat will allow some of the yellow color of the wood to show through which will not give your witch an "unhealthy complexion". Paint the features or use permanent colored markers to draw them on. You can even give her a few warts if you like. You can use the picture as your guide or design your own face. Glue scraggles of yarn, Spanish moss or doll hair on your witch's head. Glue the circle of felt on the head. Form the second piece of felt into a cone and glue it to the center of the circle forming the point on the witch's hat. Add a hat band of ribbon to match that tying her sleeves. Glue the finished head to the top of the Renuzit cover. 

When dry tie the cape around her neck. Crook one arm, position the broom and your witch is ready to greet the season. 


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Candy Corn Button Bat Trick or Treat Container

Bat Trick or Treat Container


  • Terra cotta pot
  • Black Fun Foam
  • Red and white permanent markers
  • White craft glue
  • Option: Black paint

Using the picture as your guide cut the black Fun Foam to form a large bat. Paint the lining of his ears and his mouth with your red permanent marker. Draw the eye and place the little sharp teeth with the white permanent marker. Glue to the front of the terra cotta pot allowing the wings to extend free. We left our pot in the regular terra cotta color but you may paint the outside entirely black if you wish. 

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Candy Corn Button Crafty Tips
by Bluebonnet Crafters

# 1. Embellish your child's costume with reflective tape. The better to see them in the dark. 

# 2. Have the children clean the yard and put everything away before trick or treaters come so there will be no accidents. 

# 3. Insist that the children bring their goodies home for inspection before they begin to consume them. 

#4. Be sure your dog or cat are confined during the trick or treating for their protection. 

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Candy Corn ButtonDoll Corner

Tassel Doll 

You can use any number of fibers to make your tassel. The tassel will fit into the base of the doll and form her skirt. The pattern pieces are templates and must have seam allowance added. 

Tassel Doll Materials:

  • Flesh colored fabric
  • Freezer paper
  • Embroidery floss, pearl cotton, silk twist or fiber of your choice
  • Small amount of stuffing
  • Doll hair fiber
  • Fabric paint, colors of your choice
  • Purchased silk ribbon roses
  • Option: Silk ribbon for embroidery



    Trace the pattern pieces onto the dull side of the freezer paper. ** You will need one head front, two head backs, four arms, four legs and two bodies. Cut out the freezer templates the and iron the individual template pieces to your doll skin fabric, shiny side down making sure that those pieces that need to be doubled are placed on double fabric. Sew each unit along the edge of the freezer paper and then cut the fabric away leaving a scant quarter inch seam allowance. Clip as needed to turn smoothly. 

    You can cut the freezer paper to the size of your printer feed and print the pattern directly onto the freezer paper to save a step. 

    Sew the legs around from top, back to the top leaving it open to turn and stuff. Trim the seams, clip as necessary, turn and stuff the foot firmly then continue to stuff the leg to about the knee area. As you will note the legs are longer than usual. This is because they will be attached directly to the base of the doll body which is above the normal hip line. Turn the raw edges on top to the inside and ladder stitch the top of each leg closed. Set aside for now. 

    Sew the body from the bottom marked opening around the tab neck back to the bottom leaving it open at the bottom (this is a drop waist area on your doll and where the tassel skirt will be added). The rectangle shown on the bottom of the body is folded inside to give you added strength to attach the tassel material and legs. 

    Turn and stuff the body. Place the legs into the bottom of the body opening and ladder stitch the opening closed, catching both legs in the seam.  This should form a reinforced fabric area at the bottom of the body approximately a quarter of an inch, deep which will be used to attached the tassel. 

    Sew the back head pieces together leaving the center 3/4 inch open. Cut out the back head making sure you add the 1/4 inch seam allowance. Place the back head unit right sides together on the front head and sew completely around. Trim the seam allowance to a scant quarter inch. Turn and stuff the head firmly and set aside. 

    The arms are sewn completely around leaving an opening as marked to turn and stuff. Trim the seam allowance, turn, stuff the hand lightly and stitch the finger lines. Continue to stuff and ladder stitch the opening closed and set aside. 

    You may use your favorite method of putting the features on your doll, paint, colored pencils, pens. Paint or use fabric for shoes on the doll. A simple ballet type slipper will do. 

    When jointing your dolls arms you will make two complete passes through the arms and the body beginning on the right side of the body and ending at the inside of the right arm as follows: 
    Using the thread jointing method start at the dolls right side leaving a tail about five inches long, insert the needle through the body through the inside of the left arm working back into the same hole where you exited the outside of the left arm, take your needle back through the arm, through the body through the inside of the right arm and out through the arm. Place the needle through the same hole, bring it back completely through the doll, the left arm, back through the body, the right arm and back again through the right arm. Tie off under the right arm with the original stitch. 

    Insert the tab neck into the opening left in the back of the head. Ladder stitch the opening closed. Continue the ladder stitching around the opening anchoring the head to the neck tab. Make several passes through the tab after completing the circuit. 

    Using the fiber and method of your choice arrange the dolls hairdo. 

    Dressing the doll:
    You can paint the bodice of the dress if you wish or use scraps of fabric to stitch the bodice to the doll itself. Use lace and trims as you wish to embellish. The hip line and skirt were made using the Tassel Master distributed by Darice. 

    Attaching the skirt:
    Using the Tassel Master we formed a fringe rather than an actual tassel. The fringe was attached to a woven band then knotted then wrapped twice around the hipline of the body of the doll and stitched in place.

    Pattern for tassel doll

    Happy Halloween line break

    Candy Corn Button Crafty Kids.....

    Ghostly Boo Pin

    Pattern or Gohstly Boo Pin


    • Shrink plastic
    • Sandpaper
    • Colored pencil, paint or crayons or permanent markers in white and black
    • Scissors
    • Tie tack pin back
    • Baking board
    • Talcum
    • Craft glue

    Using the picture as your pattern, trace onto the shrink plastic and cut out. . 

    Sand lightly and paint the areas white and black following the guidelines of the picture. 

    Place in the oven according the manufacturers directions and allow to shrink completely. 

    Remove from the oven and when cool glue the pin back in place 

    Candy Corn Button Jack-O-Lantern Votive Candle 

    Jack-O-Lantern Paint pattern

    You can use an ivy bowl or a small round votive cup with this project depending on the size votive candle you want.


    • Small ivy bowl (or ball shaped votive cup) 
    • Orange glass stain 
    • Black glass stain 
    • Black liquid leading 
    • Votive candle 

    Outline eyes, nose and mouth of Jack-O-Lantern with the liquid leading, using the picture for ideas. Fill in the features with the leading or stain. 

    Paint bowl sides with orange glass stain until completely covered brushing on your paint from top to bottom so any streaking will look like the ridges on a pumpkin.. 

    Add the votive candle and light the window on Halloween. 

    Happy Halloween line break

    Candy Corn ButtonKitchen Crafts.....



    • 6 ounces of milk chocolate chips

    • Large can of Chinese noodles
    • Large zip type plastic bag
    • Aluminum foil
    • Cookie sheet
    • Options: Add 1/2 cup chopped nuts and/or dried fruit if you wish

    Place the chocolate chips in the zip bag and heat on high in the microwave for 60 seconds. Continue to heat in 15 seconds increments until most of the chips are melted. Remove from microwave and knead the bag to blend. Add the Chinese noodles (and nuts or fruits if using them) and stir gently to coat all the ingredients. Place by spoonfuls on a foil covered cookie sheet in the shape of haystacks. Place in the refrigerator to harden.

    The bag with any remaining bits in it can be refrigerated to harden and then used for cooks helpers snack as it will peel right out of the bag. Store in clean zip bag and enjoy.

    Happy Halloween line break

    Halloween Party Favor Basket

    Party Favor basket


    • Orange Fun Foam
    • Black permanent marker
    • Orange or green chenille stem
    • Scissors
    • Craft glue
    • Optional: dark orange or brown permanent marker

    Using the pattern cut one pattern piece for each favor needed. Using the picture as a guide draw the face of the Jack-O-Lantern on one side of the basket pattern. Glue the side panels to the pumpkin front and back, the rounded shape will stick out past the basket sides. 

    Punch a small hole in the top of each pumpkin side. Thread the green chenille stem through the hole forming a small handle. With the excess chenille stem to the front of the basket wrap around a small pencil or dowel stick to form a pumpkin tendril. 

    To personalize each basket: On a small piece of green paper, cut in the shape of a leaf, put the name in either black or orange. Punch a small hole and thread the leaf onto the chenille tendril. 

    Option: With your dark orange or brown marker draw in the pumpkin lines on both sides ending them just a little away from the features themselves. 

    Happy Halloween line break

    Winter craft buttonWinter Craft

    Fire and Ice

    Scan of the finished decorated candle

    With the popularity of the artistic wire we came up with an idea that can be made up as gifts for any of the Winter Holidays simply by changing the color of your candle and wire. 

    White candle with blue wire for Hanukkah, Red candle with black or green wire for Kawanzaa, Winter Solstice a white candle and wire and Christmas with the red or white candle and green wire all hung with icicles. These make a gift for the whole season.

    Diagram of wire design


    • A candle color and size of your choice
    • Artistic wire in color of your choice
    • 3 hand blown glass icicles
    • Wire cutter
    • Small pliers
    • Small dowel stick or thin pencil
    Drawing of the wire decorations


    Anchor one end of the wire to the base of the candle and wind around gradually until you read the top of the candle. Form 2 leaf shapes (I used a holly leaf) with a coiled piece of wire up the center of each and running up between the two leaves. 

    Attach a single icicle to the end of each coil allowing the icicles to hang free in front of the leaves at three different levels. The icicles hang clear of the candle so they of not interfere with lighting the candle. 

    Option: Rather than decorate the individual candle you might choose to decorate a clear cylinder glass votive cup. 

    Hand blown icicles for this project available through Terry's Icicles http://www.geocities.com/terrysicicles/index.html 

    Happy Halloween line break


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