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September 1999

Published by

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  Letter From Laurieann
  Seasonal Crafts.....Halloween
  Crafty Tips.....by The Bluebonnet Crafters
  Crafty Visions Classifieds
Web Of Angels Logo 1999 Web Of Angels Preview
  Crafty Kids.....Seasonal Fun For Kids!
  Kitchen.....Dog Biscuits Treats
  Winter Craft......by The Bluebonnet Crafters
  Announcements.....Online Classes, New Free Stuff, New Shops, and More!
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Letter From Laurieann

Hi Fellow Crafters,

The beginning of Fall is the start of a fun and exciting craft season, full of pumpkins and goblins, with Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts just around the corner. 

And to get ready for Christmas, we are proud to announce the second "Web of Angels."   This is a huge FREE online class sponsored by Crafty College and the Bluebonnet Crafters and includes many angel crafts provided by artists world wide!  In this issue you will find an angel craft as a preview to the 1999  Web of Angels.

We hope you enjoy all the great crafts in this issue.

Have fun!




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Black cat buttonSeasonal Crafts
by Bluebonnet Crafters

Bed or TV Caddy

Diagram of the finished caddy.
There are no definite measurements for this caddy. It is made to suit the purpose for which you will use it. It can be made from any material but the heavier the material the longer it will hold up and remain useful. When working with heavy material hand baste each step to prevent the fabric "walking" as you sew each step.

The base or bottom layer is the largest piece of fabric. Measure the largest item you will keep in the caddy for the length and width of the completed caddy. Will this caddy hang over the arm of a chair or be used between the mattress and box springs of a bed?

As an example: You will keep a magazine in your caddy and it will be used on a chair arm. The base piece of fabric would be the width of the magazine plus 1 to 2 inches to allow for seam allowances and the thickness of the book or magazine. The length of the base will have to be twice the length of the magazine plus the width of the chair arm. This will give you a large rectangle about 9 or 10 inches wide by 24 to 26 inches long.

Option: If this is a bed caddy cut the large rectangle 6 inches longer and do not make the pocket to the chair side also do not add the Velcro. The extended length of the base is placed under the mattress and leave the pocket end to hang beside the bed. It will work on either side of the bed.

If the arm of your chair is open place a piece of velcro (hook side) on the back of the caddy closest to the chair seat with the soft velcro side on the back of the portion that will be to the outside of the chair. These will meet through the open area in the arm of the chair and keep your caddy from sliding off the chair arm. If the arm is closed the hook side of the velcro will grip the fabric of the chair arm and help keep it in place but an additional hook side Velcro should be added to the back of the area that will rest on the top of the chair arm.

Next you will need the pockets. Cut 2 rectangles the same width as your base and about 8 inches long. Mark one as the inside pocket and set aside for now. The second will hold the smaller pockets. Cut a rectangle the same width as the others and about 6 inches long for the smaller pockets.

Hem one edge (the width of the pockets) of each pocket piece. Place the 6 inch pocket wrong side down on top of the 8 inch pocket with the sides and bottom (unhemmed side) even and stitch down both sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Top stitch from the top of the 6 inch deep pocket down to the bottom forming 2 or 3 smaller pockets to hold TV remote, pad and pen or other supplies. Sew down both outside edges and across the bottom closing the smaller pockets at sides and bottom leaving the tops open.

Place the assembled smaller pocket piece wrong side down on the right side of the large rectangle and sew it around the sides and across the bottom. At this time hem one 8 inch edge of the rectangle you set aside, line it up with the sides and bottom of the other end of your large rectangle. Sew around 3 sides forming one large pocket. You may stitch from the top of the pocket to the bottom to divide the large pocket if you wish.

Use a rug binding or a heavy bias binding and bind the complete distance around the outside of the caddy. This will leave the wrong side of the fabric exposed but since the caddy will be positioned right side up this is not important.

If you want the back finished place a piece of fabric the size of your original rectangle right side down over the pocket assembly, stitch around the outside using a three eight's inch seam allowance. Leave an opening in the area between the pockets, trim the seam allowance and turn. whip or ladder stitch the opening closed and then top stitch around the entire outside just on the seam allowance.

Paper Twist Basket

Paper twist BasketMaterials:

  • 2 large paper grocery bags
  • clothespins
  • Paper Twist, cut in pieces as listed below
  • Craft glue or stapler
  • Cardboard
  • Option: Use any paper cut in strips in place of the paper twist. Paper strips can be glued end to end until long enough to fit the project. Tiny favor sized bags can be made without the paper bag lining by folding the strips up and weaving around using small amount of glue to hold the strips in place everywhere they cross.
Weave diagram for paper twist basket


Fold the top of the first bag toward the inside, folding the bag in half. With the second bag, fold the top to the outside so the bag is half the height it was originally.

Measure the bottom of the bag and cut a piece of cardboard to fit. Place the cardboard inside the bag with the cuff folded toward the inside and carefully place the bag with the cuff to the outside into the first bag.

Measure from the top, across the bottom, back up to the top and add 2 inches. Cut the correct number of Paper Twist strips this long (this will be across the wide side of the bag and with Paper Twist at approximately 4" per strip measure the width divide by four and this is the un umber of strips you will cut that length).

Measure on the short side from the top across the bottom and backup to the top adding an inch (see directions above).

Measure around the bag adding one inch to the measurement. Cut additional strips to equal this height of the bag.

Your strips can all be of one color or half one color and half a second color for the strips needed on each of the above measurements.

Cut 3 additional strips the length you want for your handle plus one inch.

Place the twisted paper strips into a zip loc bag. Spritz lightly with water and seal the bag leaving it for about half an hour. This will make it much easier to untwist each of the paper strips. Collect your strips by length. Take the number of strips that will go across the widest area of the bag and find the middle. Lay these strips out side by side, (preferably where you can pin one end).

Find the center of the strips that will go across and up the narrow side and place it so it crosses the exact center of the lengthwise strips.

With the center cross pieces anchored with a pin, staple or glue weave under and over from the center to the edge of where the bag bottom would fit. Repeat to the other side.

Using this as a guide repeat with the additional crosswise strips forming a cross with the center of it woven to the size of your bag bottom.

Place the bag bottom directly over this woven area and with your clothespins bring each of the Paper Twist pieces to the top and clip them to the top of the bag. Be sure you use clothespins or something else removable as you will now start weaving around the bag and will have to release these strips one at a time.

Begin in the center of any one strip. With the end of the first strip to be woven around the bag at the very bottom. Weave over the next, under the next, then over, under continuing until you bring the end back to where it meets under the first strip. Glue or staple the ends together at that point.

The next strip will begin under a different upright strip but repeating the directions above. Repeat for each successive strip beginning each under a different upright for security.

When you have reached the top of the basket place the ends between the two bags and staple or glue in place.

Make the handle:

Using three strips of untwisted Paper Twist anchor the three together with a clothespin and make a loose braid of the three strips. For added strength you may include a length of string or cord inside each of the three pieces of braid before you braid them.

Attach your handle from end to the other and anchor with glue or staples.

The basket is now complete. It can be used as you see fit but understand for this type handle you will not be able to lift it by the handle with anything inside.

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Black Cat ButtonCrafty Tips
by Bluebonnet Crafters

Tip # 1: Use an old CD as a reflector candle - place shiny side up with a candle on it and the lit candle has a beautiful glow.

Tip # 2: Save your old shower curtain or plastic tablecloth and use to cover your work surface when you are crafting.

Tip # 3: Planning a nature walk to collect crafting material? Fill your water bottle about 1/4 full of water and freeze. When you start to leave the house finish filling it with cold water. It will stay cold much longer.

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Web Of Angels LogoWeb Of Angels 1999 Preview

Spool Doll Angel
by Bluebonnet Crafters

Spool Doll Angel

  • Jute cord
  • 1 large wooden bead (3/4" diameter)
  • 8 small wooden spools (approx. 7/8")
  • 2 large wooden spools (1")
  • 4 small wooden beads (3/8" diameter)
  • Small amount of doll hair
  • Acrylic paint in red, black and white.
  • Daubber or paint brush end
  • Piece of cutter quilt approximately 4" square
  • 4" X 8" piece of fabric for dress
  • 4" X 8" lace or eyelet for petticoat
  • Needle and thread
  • Craft glue

Diagram for spool doll


Due to the availability of different size spools and beads the measurements are not exact. The small bead is one quarter the size of the head bead. The small spools should be half the size of the large spool. With these directions you can make your spool angel as large or as small as your available material. The fabric for clothing and the wings would need to be adjusted to the size of your finished spool doll.

Fold your jute cord in half. Leaving a small loop as a hanger tie a knot. Insert both ends of the jute through the bead and one of the large spools. Tie a single knot. Separate the two pieces of jute stringing one through two small spools into one end of the small wooden bead and back through the two spools to the center to form an arm. Repeat this with the other arm.

Tie a second single knot, insert both ends of the jute through the second large spool and separate. Insert through two small spools, through one small bead, return through the two small spools, up through the bottom large spool to the center to form a leg. Repeat with the other leg. *see diagram

Add another knot and trim the jute. A small amount of craft glue placed on the knot will help to hold it.

Using the handle of your paint brush place two black dots for her eyes and three red dots, two side by side, one below and between the first two forming a heart shape mouth. Allow to dry. With a toothpick place two white dots for highlight in the upper left quarter of your black eye dots. A small amount of pink blush on a cotton swab can be added to her cheeks. Place glue on her head in the area of her hair being sure to pull the hanger loop up out of the way. Add the doll hair and press it into the glue forming her hair do.

Run a gathering stitch along the top edge of the lace/eyelet petticoat. Gather this tightly and place around the top large spool. Push it firmly up to the very top of the spool and tie off. A small amount of glue added under the gathers will help hold it in place.

On the dress fabric fold the length in half and then in half again. Cut a small slit on the one fourth fold of the fabric from the open ends on each side. Place the slits one on each side of the top spool leaving the arm sticking out. Then run a gathering stitch along the top of the dress fabric from the back over the first arm, across the front over the second arm and across the second back piece pulling it up tight and tying it off at the center back. This will form the dress with the collar portion right under the head bead. (there is no need to sew the back seams as once the wings are added the opening is not visible.) This is a country look angel so it is not necessary to hem the gown.

Fold your cutter quilt fabric in half and cut out as large a heart as will fit. You can machine stitch around the edge of the heart 1/8" or buttonhole/blanket stitch around the edge. Glue the heart to the angels back (running a thin line of glue down the center of the heart for the hearts full height). The hanging loop is her halo.

Option:You can trim the loop off at the top and add a pin back to make a country angel pin. You can use paint markers or permanent markers instead of paint brush handle.

For more information on the 1999 Web of Angels please go to 

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Black Cat ButtonCrafty Kids.....

Halloween Decorations



  • Construction paper, felt or Fun Foam in orange, green, black and white
  • Paint marker in black and yellow
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue
  • Option: Glitter and trims of your choice


Using the pictures as your pattern, enlarge if you wish, trace each part onto the appropriate colored construction paper/felt/FunFoam. Glue the different parts together to form the witch, jack-o-lantern and ghosts.

Black Cat

These can then be glued to the front of a trick or treat bag. With the eyes cut out they can become a mask or with the wrong sides of two glued together with a hanger between they can become mobiles that spin in the breeze.


Halloween Necklace


  • A recipe of glue and cornstarch dough or bread dough
  • Acrylic paints of your choice
  • 36" length of black rattail cord or plastic lacing
  • Pony beads in black and orange (6 each color)
  • 3 wire loops or cut a paper clip in half and use the rounded top
  • Black permanent marker
  • Glitter

Using the recipe of dough shape three pumpkins or one pumpkin and two ghost shapes. Place the wire loop into the top of each sculpture. Allow to dry thoroughly (It is wise to dip the wire into white craft glue before inserting it into the sculpture for added security).

When your sculptures are dry and very, very hard they can be painted with regular acrylic paint and the ghosts can be sprinkled, while wet, with a small amount of iridescent glitter. Use a fine point permanent black marker to draw the features on both the pumpkin and the ghost.

Place the pumpkin on the cord first. Place a black bead on each side of the pumpkin and then an orange, another black bead, a ghost, or a second pumpkin and continue alternating the black and orange pony beads until you have 6 on each side of the center pumpkin.

Tie the ends of the cord in an overhand knot and your necklace is ready to wear.

Bread Dough Recipe


  • 1 Slice of white bread or use 2 Tablespoons of Cornstarch
  • 1 Tablespoon of white craft glue
  • Zipper type plastic bag

Remove the crusts and save for bread crumbs. Tear the center of the bread slice into small pieces place them in the plastic bag and add the glue. If using cornstarch Put glue in bag first and add cornstarch as you mix to get the correct consistency. Close the zipper and knead the bag until it pulls away from the sides and forms a ball.

A small amount of talcum keeps the dough from sticking.

You can color your dough by adding a small amount of paint or food coloring to the dough as you mix it. You may also paint the finished items.

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Black Cat ButtonKitchen Crafts.....

Homemade Dog Biscuits Treats


  • 3 - 3 1/2 Cups all purpose flour
  • 2 Cups whole wheat
  • 1 Cup rye flour and cornmeal
  • 2 Cups cracked wheat (bulgar or burghul)
  • 1/2 Cup nonfat dry milk
  • 1 pkg. dry yeast
  • 4 tsp. salt or substitute herbs for dogs on salt-free diets
  • 2 Cups chicken stock or other liquid
  • 1 Egg and 1 tbsp. milk to brush on top

Combine all dry ingredients, except the yeast. In a separate bowl, dissolve yeast in a 1/4 cup of warm water. To this add chicken stock. (You can use bouillon, pan drippings or water from cooking vegetables.)

Add liquid to dry ingredients. Knead mixture for about three minutes. Dough will be quite stiff. If too stiff, add extra liquid or an egg.

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Roll dough out on floured board to 1/2" thickness. Immediately cut into shapes with cookie cutters.

Place on ungreased cookie sheet and brush with a wash of egg or milk.

Place in the oven. After 45 minutes, turn off the heat and leave biscuits overnight in oven to get bone hard.

This Halloween remember to "treat" your local Humane Society. They can always use a helping hand.

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Winter Holidays Crafts

Cinnamon Stick Santa


Cinnamon Stick SantaMaterials

  • 1 cinnamon stick approx. 6" long
  • A piece of clear or gold thread 8" long for hanger
  • One 1/4" white pompom
  • Paint, in flesh, dark red, blue, black and white
  • White textured snow
  • Craft glue

Paint from the top of the cinnamon stick down approximately 3/4 inch with red paint all the way around the stick.

Below that for an additional 3/4 inch paint on the flat side with the flesh color. Using the picture as your guide paint two blue dots for eyes, add white highlights when the eyes are dry.

Paint a very tiny "U" shape with black for his nose and mix a little of the red and white together to give him rosy cheeks. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Using the textured snow paint a quarter inch band around the stick on the bottom of his hat between the hat and the facial features. Make two eyebrows, a mustache and then paint the beard in a long approximately 2 and 3/4 inch strip ending in a pointed "V".

Knot the hanger and glue the knot to the top of your Santa Stick placing the white pompom on top of it to anchor.

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1999 Web of Angels - Opens October 1st!

A huge FREE online class with many angel crafts provided by artists world wide! 

This is a FREE Class starting on October 1st at Crafty College and co-sponsored by the Bluebonnet Crafters.

You do not have to register to attend, just show up on campus on the October 1st

For more information please go to 

Crafty College

Learn Arts, Crafts, and Dollmaking without leaving home!  Visit the Online Campus or Crafty College - http://CraftyCollege.com

Visit - Crafty Links Mall!

Go to... http://CraftyLinks.com to search for craft sites or to add your site for FREE!

Crafty Links - http://CraftyLinks.com
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All Dolls! -   On-line Shops,  Bulletin Boards, Mailing List, Chat Room,  Gallery, Free Patterns, Doll Challenges, Online Classes and more. 

The Doll Net - http://TheDollNet.com
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Bluebonnet Crafters


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