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Spring - 2004
Published by World Wide Visions

  Laurieann's Note

Hi Fellow Crafters,

Spring is here!

Bluebonnet Crafters (http://BluebonnetVillage.com) have put together another great newsletter full of fun crafts.

Don't forget to checkout the Craft Tips below as well as the Classified Ads for great deals of craft items. And please visit our contruibutors web sites. DIY Gift and Craft Templates and Candlewic


Xmall button Craft Tips

1. The square canisters that hold baby wipes make good collection boxes for dryer lint in the laundry.

2. Put the dryer lint out for the birds to line their nests.

3. Carry one of the smaller baby wipe packages in the car for quick hand clean up after pumping gas or when kids snacks get messy.

Crafty Visions Classifieds
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DIY Gift and Craft Templates

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Kaye Wood's Quilting Friends Quilting and Sewing E-Newsletter

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We offer a wide range of candle making and soap making products that are easy to use and make professional looking candles.  


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Bluebonnet Boutique Visit Bluebonnet Boutique for all occasion personalized gifts, wearing apperal and home decor. You can have your own pictures or artwork printed on a large number of gift items.
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Bluebonnet Crafters
DIY Gift and Craft Templates

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Bluebonnet Crafters

Now Available!
New Limited Edition Pattern
by Kezi Matthews!

"Baby Anne"
Kezi Pattern Baby Anne

Click HERE for More Information!

New Online Class!
"Hotties Past Prime"
2 Free Standing Dolls 20" Tall
by Kathy Hays

Online Cloth Doll Class - Hotties

Click HERE for More Information!

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