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Spring - 2005
Published by
World Wide Visions

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  Laurieann's Note

Hi Fellow Crafters,

Think warmer weather and new growth as the Winter leaves us. Our Contributors have given us some fun floral crafts to start our 2005, Spring Season.

Don't forget to checkout the Craft Tips below as well as the Classified Ads for great deals of craft items. And please visit our contributors web sites.


Small button Craft Tips

1. Save your photographs, photo copy them and use the copies in your collages.

2. Clear contact paper can be used to protect your collage.

3. Photocopy your collage and print it on fabric to make a pillow or album cover.

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Crafty Visions Classifieds
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Nature's Pressed, Inc.

Our product line includes Pressed Flower Packages, Pressed Flower Stickers, Flower Presses and Accessories.

We have a large variety of pressed garden flowers, wildflowers, ferns, herbs, foliage and leaves all year 'round, that are convenient to use and ready when you are! All of our flowers are grown, picked, pressed and dried by hand. Our special all natural process enables us to dry our flowers and leaves quickly, for maximum color retention.

E-mail: flowers@naturespressed.com

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Forster® is known in the craft community for not only providing quality products and innovative project ideas, but especially for their long-standing dedication to their business. We take great pride in offering ‘user-friendly’ project instructions in our packages, free project sheets at the retail level, and creative project ideas via our web site. We are also committed to supporting our community of experienced concept designers and craft industry related trade associations.  

E-mail: craftinfo@alltrista.com

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ScrapSmart - carries CD's of clip art, Archival Cuts and tags, cards & envelopes, awards and certificate, stickers & kits. They also have albums, photo shaker pockets, the plastic protectors used in the projects as well as a variety of embellishments.  

E-mail: CS@ScrapSMART.com
Project Protectors

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Bluebonnet Boutique Visit Bluebonnet Boutique for all occasion personalized gifts, wearing apparel and home decor. You can have your own pictures or artwork printed on a large number of gift items.
Wear your ad, give Grandparents a picture they can wear, Brag about your school, club or hobby, Great for Family Reunions. Visit Bluebonnet Boutique to pick your gifts then Email for Instructions on how to submit your pictures, logos or artwork.Bluebonnet Boutique

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Bluebonnet Crafters
Bluebonnet Village

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Bluebonnet Crafters

6th Limited Edition Pattern
by Kezi Matthews!

and Miss Bunny

16" Doll with 9" Rabbit Doll Patterns

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Crafty College


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