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Spring/Summer - 2003
Published by
World Wide Visions

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  Laurieann's Note

Hi Fellow Crafters,

Spring has come and Summer is almost over! The year has gone by so fast.

The Bluebonnet Crafters (http://BluebonnetVillage.com) have put together another great newsletter full of fun crafts that you can enjoy the rest of the summer.

Don't forget to checkout the Craft Tips below as well as the Classified Ads for great deals of craft items. And please visit our contruibutors web sites.


Small button Craft Tips

1. If you spill your beads on the floor, the easy way to pick them up is to pull a stocking over the end of the vacuum cleaner hose and beads can be sucked up onto it. Works for pins, too.

2. For quiet Kid Craft Classes: Take a bag of lolipops to class with you. When the class gets "chatty" pass them out and tell them to open & stick them in their mouths. It works well for adults too.

3. When working with a few beads dropping them on the sticky side of a lable helps corral them as you work.

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Crafty Visions Classifieds
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Gemshow-Online offers a large selection of bali style beads, caps, spacers, rondells, clasps and alphabet beads. We also offer sterling silver manufactured beads and findings and a good selection of Swarovski crystal beads. FREE shipping on orders $25.00 and over in the US!  

http:// www.GemShow-Online.com

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Got Buttons

We carry over 4,000 button and charm styles to choose from including couture and basic styles, fun and whimsical, exotic materials and shapes, and collectibles. http://www.gotbuttons.com  


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Bluebonnet Boutique Visit Bluebonnet Boutique for all occasion personalized gifts, wearing apperal and home decor. You can have your own pictures or artwork printed on a large number of gift items.
Wear your ad, give Grandparents a picture they can wear, Brag about your school, club or hobby, Great for Family Reunions. Vistit Bluebonnet Boutique to pick your gifts then Email for Instructions on how to submit your pictures, logos or artwork.Bluebonnet Boutique

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Chenille Kraft - Try the many fine craft products provided by Chenille Kraft such as: WonderFoam, Wax Works, Colossal Crafts, Wood Crafts, SideWalk Chalk,Pom Pons, Wiggle Eyes, Beads, Feathers and Chenille Stems packaged conveniently for group projects. 


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