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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2003
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FlutterBee Pin Doll

Flutter Bee Pin Doll


3 1/2" black prestuffed doll
12" yellow 9mm wireless chenille
12" black 9mm wireless chenille
2 small wiggle eyes or white beads
1 1/2" of black chenille stem
2 black beads 3mm size
Piece of white tulle 3" X 8"
Small amount of fine glitter
White craft glue
Needle and thread in yellow and black and a small amount of red floss

Bee Wing Pattern


This would be good as a group project or if you need a number of small gifts or party favors.

Using a large needle poke two small holes in the doll head where the antennae belongs. Dip the end of the chenille stem in craft glue and insert it into the hole. Apply glue to the opposite end of each piece of chinells stem and add beads. Glue or stitch the wiggle eyes in place. Stem stitch the mouth with red floss.

Begin with the yellow chenille around the neck and wrap the body of the doll with alternating strips of the yellow and black. You can either glue them in place or couch the chenille with your needle and thread.

Trace the wing pattern on your tulle and cut out two layers. Stack the wings on top of each other and gather the center of the wings slightly and stitch to the back of your little bee. Add a pinback and it is ready to wear.

Chenille Kraft

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2003
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