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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2003
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Plant Poke

Lady Bug Plant Poke Pattern


4" square or red Fun Foam
5" square of black Fun Foam
1 wooden plant poke or large craft stick
1 black chenille stem
2 black 1/4" pom poms
20 black 1/2" pom poms or half inch circles of Fun Foam
White craft glue
Pencil and paper


Trace the entire outline of the lady bug picture. This is a template to use as your pattern. Place the template on the black Fun Foam and trace around the outside with the chalk. Cut out along the chalk line

Trace the red wings of the ladybug on the red Fun Foam. Cut out the wings. Place them on the black body using the picture as your guide. Lift one wing and spread white craft glue on the under side of that wing. Repeat with the second wing.

Fold the chenille stem in half and glue it down the black side of the lady bug, the folded end toward her tail and the 2 straight ends are sticking up past her head about 3/4". Glue one 1/4" pom pom to each cut end and bend the chenille slightly to look like her antennae.

Glue the plant poke or craft stick to the back of the lady bug over the chenille stem. This will help to hold the stem to the lady bug and stiffen the foam so your lady bug does not droop. Glue the black 1/2" circles or pom poms on the red wings using the picture as your guide.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2003
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