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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2003
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Star of David Ornament

Star of David ornament


Crayons in light and dark blue, silver, gold, pink, red green, yellow and brown
2 Pieces of white cotton fabric 6" square
Piece of sandpaper 6" square or larger
#2 pencil
Brown kraft paper (paper bag)
Small amount of fiber fill
Needle and thread in white
Optional: Sewing machine Fabric paints instead of crayons, then omit the ironing and allow to dry completely before stitching. You will still use the sandpaper to grip the fabric as you paint.


Trace the design in the picture onto one piece of your fabric with the pencil. Keep you lines light so you can cover them with your crayons.

Place the drawing face up on the sandpaper and color all of the design as smoothly as you can. At this time you might also sign and date the second piece of fabric.

Place the colored fabrics between two pieces of brown paper and iron on the cotton setting to remove the crayon wax. Check your design and add more crayon to those areas that need darker color. Repeat the ironing with new paper so not to smear your colors.

When you are happy with the colors, place the second piece of fabric right sides together and stitch around leaving an opening to turn. Clip the corners, turn and stuff lightly with fiber fill. Whip stitch the opening closed.

These ornaments can be used as small gifts or as decorations.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2003
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