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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2005
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Trinket Box or Favor

Trinket box

Paper Mache Box - Sample is heart shaped with removable center in top
Heart shape doily or lace cutout
Paint of your choice sample - Delta Ceramcoat Pearls in Violet Pearl
Gathered lace trim to circle the box Sample - has satin ribbon with pearls and lace ruffle
Foam brush
Old paint brush or cotton swabs to spread glue
5 or 6 Small ribbon roses
White craft glue


These small trinket boxes make lovely gifts or favors for special occasions. The sample box has a removable center to the top which can be set aside and the box filled with potpourri. Leave the removable center in place and fill with candy. Painted in the brides colors they make pretty place markers and favors.

Paint the box, box top and removable center and set aside to dry.

Spread glue around the top of the box with the center removed. Place the doily on the box top and press into the glue all around edge. Spread glue on the top edge and press the ruffled lace into the glue beginning at the center dip and ending with a tiny fold under in the lace pressed firmly into the dip.

Add an additional ruffle around sides of the bottom of the box. Be sure you leave enough room for the top to fit down before the lace begins. Allow to dry.

Decorate the top of your box with ribbon roses. Sample - roses follow the shape of the doily.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2005
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