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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2005
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Ethnic Pin Doll

Ethnic Pin Doll

10" X 5" cotton in skin color
Small amount of stuffing
6" double fold bias tape 1/4: wide folded
6" X 8" ethnic print for dress
5" length of 1/8" wide lace or trim for sleeves
Thread to match
Sewing Machine
Black paint
Paint brush
Fine permanent pen in black and red
1" bar pin back
Hand sewing needle or fabric glue



Trace the doll front onto a folded piece of the skin colored fabric. Do not cut out yet. Stitch around the doll on the traced line leaving an opening under one arm to turn. Cut out the doll leaving a narrow seam allowance. Leave a slightly wide allowance at the opening for ease in stitching it closed later.

Doll pattern frontDoll Pattern Back

Turn and stuff firmly. Ladder stitch the opening closed. Draw the features on the doll's face now, if you make an error you can turn her over and draw the face on the back side. The first face can be covered when you paint on her hair.

When your face is finished lightly draw the hair line. Paint the hair on the face side and the shoes, allow to dry. Turn her over and paint the hair and shoes on the back using the drawing as your guide.

You may add fingers if you wish by hand stitching the lines shown on the back doll drawing but a rounded hand without stitched fingers is also alright.

Dress Pattern

Dress: Fold the dress fabric in a long rectangle, trace the pattern on the fold. Note the neckline is "V-shaped" in front and round in the back. Fold in the end of the bias tape to form a point and stitch it in place beginning at the point of the "V" in front, back around to the point of the "V" in the front to form her collar. Fold in the second end of the bias tape as you reach the center front so both sides match.

Fold under a narrow hem on the sleeves and stitch the trim to cover the raw edge on the wrong side of the fabric. Be sure a small edge of trim shows from the front. Try the dress on the doll marking the front "V". Remove the dress and stitch both seams from the end of the sleeve to the hem of the skirt. Stitch a narrow hem in the skirt of the dress. Set aside.

Stitch the flat piece of bias to the chest of the doll where you marked the point of the "V". Put the dress on the doll and tack stitch around the neck anchoring the neckline to the doll.

Stitch the pin back to the back of the doll through the doll dress. You can add embellishments such as hat and purse or jewelry to make your doll truly your own.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2005
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