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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2005
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Printed Door Hanger
Door Hanger
Card Stock
Clear Contact Paper
Permanent marker color of your choice
Color Printer


Print out the picture above or a picture of your choice. Write the name of the room (Jane's Room, Guest Room, etc) in the blank area above the hanger opening or any blank space if using a different picture.

Apply the clear contact paper to both sides of the picture. Using the picture as a template cut out the door hanger shape.

The hanger can be used on any door or sent through the mail as a small gift with the greeting written on the back before you apply the Contact Paper. 


The picture on the door hanger was taken from the "FLORAL Vintage Collection" by ScrapSMART visit their site for many more image collections on CDs.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2005
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