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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Spring 2005
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Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flower

Tissue paper in 4 colors plus green
18 gage wire or bamboo skewers 12" long (1 per flower)
2 Cotton Balls
4 or 5 Pipe cleaner (real pipe cleaners not chenille stems)
White craft glue
Optional: green floral tape
Parts to the flower


Cut the tissue paper as follows;
Center: 5" square,
Fringe around center: 5" by 12" folded and fringed along the cut edge
Smaller petals: cut 5 (see pattern)
Larger petals: cut 5 (see pattern)
Leaves: cut 3 (see pattern)
Cut a strip of green tissue about 3" by 10"

I used bamboo skewers for my stems since I wanted them stiff and not bending. Dip the end of skewer in white craft glue and wrap the cotton balls round it. Place the square (center) piece of tissue paper around the cotton and add glue to the edges to hold them in place.

Gather the folded edge of the fringed tissue on a pipe cleaner and wrap around the center of your flower. Twist the pipe cleaner and fold the ends down along the skewer.

Place the smaller petals in a line overlapping about half the petal. Using a second pipe cleaner wrap the petals around the flower center , twist the pipe cleaner to tighten and fold down the ends along the skewer.

Space the 3 leaves on the next pipe cleaner then add the large petals the same as the smaller above. This completes the flower. Spread glue over the skewer and pipe cleaner ends up to the base of the flower. Take the strip of green tissue and wrap it around the entire stem to cover.

Place 3 or 5 flowers in a bowl as your center piece. You can use another pipe cleaner as the stem, form the stem into a circle and use as napkin rings or place card for a festive table.

Arrange 3 or 5 in a bowl for the centerpiece

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2005
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