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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2005
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Bracelet Key Chain

Braclet Key Chain

2 faceted 10mm beads dark turquoise
4 lumpy 14mm beads light turquoise
6 medium spacer beads dark turquoise
2 decorated barrel beads dark turquoise
2 heart shaped 10mm beads light turquoise
2 decorated pillow beads 12mm dark turquoise
6 medium rice beads light turquoise
2 triangle beads 3/4" long dark turquoise
1 long oval 1 1/2" long light turquoise
1 figure 8 key ring
1 yard beading wire
A piece of Fun Foam or a Terry Cloth towel


Using the picture as your guide, lay out the beads on the foam or towel in the order shown. You will have a circle of beads with the key holder in the center opposite the long oval bead. Check your beads for the one with the largest hole and begin threading the wire through the beads completely around the circle. Go through the first bead again and complete the circle a second time.

When you reach the starting point the second time twist the wire ends together and trim the ends. work the cut ends of the wire into the hole of the bead with the largest hole to conceal the ends and prevent scratching from the cut ends.

The beads used in the sample were part of a larger package I bought at Wal Mart but you can use any combination of beads you have on hand. The bead with the largest hole in my bracelet are the pillow looking beads with the gold markings but all had holes big enough to take the fine beading wire. You can use beading thread or dental floss but may need to make a third or fourth round for strength.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Summer 2005
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