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15th Limited Edition!
Lillie Ann - Cloth Doll Patterns

Lillie Ann
Just Released (7/11/06)!


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Summer - 2006
Published by
World Wide Visions

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  Laurieann's Note

Hi Fellow Crafters,

We hope your Summer is full of fun, here are some crafts to play with on those days you can't stay outdoors.

Don't forget to checkout the Craft Tips below as well as the Classified Ads for great deals of craft items. And please visit our contributors web sites.


Small button Craft Tips

1. Use a Citronella candle in the candle ring glass and keep the table area bug free.

2. An old CD makes a great hot glue gun 'drip catcher'.

3. Hang a few old CDs in a fruit tree to keep the birds away from the ripening fruit without harming the birds.

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Crafty Visions Classifieds
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Mill Hill Beads

Your online source for beads!

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Julia Camilleri's Blog

Julia is an outstanding needle woman from Perth, Western Australia, who shares her craft with us through her blog.

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Freestyle Cordless Glue Gun

The ColdHeat Freestyle cordless glue gun is designed for crafting of all kinds as well as light home repair. It is a truly cordless glue gun,featuring a long-life rechargeable battery--not just a few minutes of retained heat use like some other so called cordless glue guns.
Freestyle Cordless Glue Gun

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Bluebonnet Boutique

T-Shirts, Tank tops, Golf Shirts, Baseball Caps, Tote Bags, Mugs, Tile coasters, Mousepads and more printed with our Bluebonnet designs or your original art work, picture or logo.

Advertise your business wearing your logo, give Grandma and Grandpa a picture of the kids they can wear. Brag about your club, school or other interests.

E-mail: Email Nora
Bluebonnet Boutique

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Bluebonnet Crafters
Bluebonnet Village

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Bluebonnet Crafters

*********** New! ************

The 15th Limited Edition Pattern is hot off the press!
Released July 11, 2006

5th Limited Edition Pattern
Original Cloth Doll Pattern

Lillie Ann - Cloth Doll Patterns
Lillie Ann
22" Cloth Doll Pattern
Pattern includes Complete Costume and
2 Iron-on Face Transfers!

Click HERE for more information and pictures!

The Doll Net!

Cloth Doll Patterns by Kezi Matthews - Click HERE!

Kezi's Limited Cloth Doll Patterns

Cloth Doll Patterns by Judi Ward - Click HERE! Judi Ward's Doll Patterns
One of a Kind Dolls by Judi Ward - Click HERE!
Judi's Doll Store!
Online Cloth Doll Classes - Click HERE!
Online Cloth Doll Classes!
Cloth Doll Mouse Pads - Click HERE!
Doll Mouse Pads!
Cloth Doll Mouse Pads - Click HERE! Class Supplies and Kits!

Online Classes

Little Bleuette in Cloth! - Online Cloth Doll Class - Click HERE!
Little Bleuette in Cloth!
Returning Late Summer!.
Click HERE for more info!


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